Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving:P

Just a short post, because I can't seem to write any other type, to say "Happy thanksgiving!!!!!!" to all of my American readers:)

Fuck the rest of ya'll!

Kidding, I can't help a little bit of raucous Yankee Humor (and that's "humour" to all my British fans of course:)

And just for my American fans, here's an article on the Turkey Cannon, for those of you weirdos who think that barbecuing a bird the size of a small house is a good idea:

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  1. The Turkey Cannon? Being a vegetarian and a fervent defender of our great American ancestor the Turkey, I'm completely freaked out at even the thought of clicking on that link. (I know you won't believe me because I'm SO SERIOUS, but I am joking.)