Sunday, June 21, 2009

the dangers of buying cheap SUNSCREEN...

I'm all about being cheap, but there are some things you just shouldn't do to save money, and one of those is to try to save money by buying the cheaper, more well-known sunscreens.

In a review of almost a thousand sunscreens, only 14% passed safety standards and were considered safe and protective enough to use by the The Evironmental Working Group

The three major leading brands, Banana Boat, Neutrogena, and Coppertone were among the worst culprits. Safety issues range from lack of UVA protection, dangerous chemicals, ingredients that breakdown IN THE SUN, and other dangers.

For a list of safe sunscreens, visit the Environmental Working Group's site, by following the link above.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

free samples

Thunderfap is one of my favorite places on line to get free stuff. The only thing better than CHEAP is FREE.

You can get free samples of all kinds of crap, like food, nutritional supplements, baby stuff, household stuff, magazines, pet stuff, beauty products, and....tote bags. I always see offers for free tote bags, and I always send away for them. I have no idea why. How many TOTE BAGS does one person actually need? And while I'd rather get free mascara, which hardly I hardly ever get when I send away for it, I ALWAYS get every tote bag I send away for.

Friday, June 19, 2009

a blog about being cheap

I thought about it for entire minutes.

What can I write a blog about THIS week? My other blogs lacked any sort of cohesion, or point, for that matter. I could never think of anything to write when I sat down at the computer. I usually ended up whining and complaining about something, and it was starting to seem like that's all I ever do.

I do that a lot, but hardly ALL the time. Anyway, I decided to write one this time with an actual theme, something that I know a lot about, that I could write about every day. The first thing that came to me was how cheap I am. I'm not sure there's anyone that's out there, or who has ever existed for that matter, who's cheaper than I am.

So here's to being cheap.