Saturday, June 20, 2009

free samples

Thunderfap is one of my favorite places on line to get free stuff. The only thing better than CHEAP is FREE.

You can get free samples of all kinds of crap, like food, nutritional supplements, baby stuff, household stuff, magazines, pet stuff, beauty products, and....tote bags. I always see offers for free tote bags, and I always send away for them. I have no idea why. How many TOTE BAGS does one person actually need? And while I'd rather get free mascara, which hardly I hardly ever get when I send away for it, I ALWAYS get every tote bag I send away for.


  1. Don't think I need any more tote bags...or mascara...but I'll check it out....

  2. Well if you ever DO, you can have some of mine

  3. Nice post. I also like to live on as cheap as possible.